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The Rev'd. Robert Stanier is the vicar of the parish of St Andrew & St Mark, Surbiton.
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Wine and Envy

Lusting after the Latours and Lafites we will never drink is deeply unsatisfactory; more to the point, it is sinful in that it wantonly overlooks the vast lakes of good wine that are all around us, in our range of possibility.

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The world doesn’t need any more chardonnay

If we get swept along with the tide of fashion, we will turn our world into a bland homogeneity that is not particularly at home in its own skin. And that’s not what we’ve been put here to do.

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Winemaking and the Future of the Church

This is the challenge for the Church today; to reconnect the spiritual potential that bursts out of an area of life like winemaking, with the underlying reality of God’s vision for creation.

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