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Alice and her partner on the day of her priesting

Love, honesty, and feasting in a time of fast

This table is whence all goodness flows, it is where we can be honest about who we are, who we really are. This is how fear falls away, because this is perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear.

William and the chicken

Cooking Together: a guide to patience and literacy during lockdown

Over the weeks of lockdown, as we flicked through cook books together, I nurtured an interest in cooking and my six-year-old found a purpose to his reading. We learned the rewards of patience side-by-side.

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Karl Kuisine: Karl Barth, food, and the humanity of God

If there is a Barth-inspired menu, perhaps we should begin not at a table in Basel or in the aisles of Migros, but at the end of Luke’s testimony to the birth of God.

St Martin

Martinmas: a day for food, wine, and community

Martinmas is a holiday for food, wine, and community. It’s a fantastic day to launch Dinner at the Vicarage. We hope you’ll join us for dinner!

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Winemaking and the Future of the Church

This is the challenge for the Church today; to reconnect the spiritual potential that bursts out of an area of life like winemaking, with the underlying reality of God’s vision for creation.

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Wine is Missional: expanding parish boundaries one glass at a time

For this small parish wine has afforded a God-given opportunity to connect with parishioners who would not sign up to a Bible study and who may not watch online worship.

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Fragments: food and life as more than the sum of their parts

In Christ, we are more than the sum of our parts, more than any number of fragmentary episodes. It is my faith that all those moments, fragments which make up the broken whole, might be gathered up and made something much, much more.

Dinner at the Vicarage
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