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The cooking of steak and liberal theology

As I have become wiser, I have acquired a more sophisticated palate. As my faith has developed, I have become unafraid of not knowing the answer to everything.

Pen Vogler

Interview: Pen Vogler

Pen Vogler’s latest book is Scoff: A History of Food and Class in Britain. She is also the author of Dinner with Mr Darcy, Tea with Jane Austen, Dinner with Dickens and Christmas with Dickens.


A Poet at the Dinner Table

Malcolm Guite brings the poets of old to dinner with us in some stunning poetry.

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St Paul’s ‘body as a temple’ didn’t have today’s calorie obsession in mind

Modern life has generated a debilitating asymmetry between our biological givenness and our cultural expectations of beauty.


On Welshcakes and Faith

In the times when we all need comfort the most, and home, and anchoring, I reach for the rusty griddle and I teach a new little link in the chain, how to make Welsh cakes.

Tottenham Hotspur 1970s

At My Grandparents’ Table: Food, faith, and memory

One of the links in the chain of goodness and resistance is the symbiosis of food and faith.

Alice and her partner on the day of her priesting

Love, honesty, and feasting in a time of fast

This table is whence all goodness flows, it is where we can be honest about who we are, who we really are. This is how fear falls away, because this is perfect love, and perfect love casts out fear.

William and the chicken

Cooking Together: a guide to patience and literacy during lockdown

Over the weeks of lockdown, as we flicked through cook books together, I nurtured an interest in cooking and my six-year-old found a purpose to his reading. We learned the rewards of patience side-by-side.

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Karl Kuisine: Karl Barth, food, and the humanity of God

If there is a Barth-inspired menu, perhaps we should begin not at a table in Basel or in the aisles of Migros, but at the end of Luke’s testimony to the birth of God.

Richard Coles

Interview: Richard Coles

Watch Giles Fraser and Richard Coles live from their kitchens about the ‘terroir of place and faith’, the gustatory joys of rural ministry, the religious significance of home, and the dangers of posting food pictures on Twitter.

Dinner at the Vicarage
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