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The cooking of steak and liberal theology

As I have become wiser, I have acquired a more sophisticated palate. As my faith has developed, I have become unafraid of not knowing the answer to everything.

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Wine and Envy

Lusting after the Latours and Lafites we will never drink is deeply unsatisfactory; more to the point, it is sinful in that it wantonly overlooks the vast lakes of good wine that are all around us, in our range of possibility.


A Poet at the Dinner Table

Malcolm Guite brings the poets of old to dinner with us in some stunning poetry.

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St Paul’s ‘body as a temple’ didn’t have today’s calorie obsession in mind

Modern life has generated a debilitating asymmetry between our biological givenness and our cultural expectations of beauty.

Veronese Wedding at Cana

Wine for the Feast: the wine cellar and eschatology

Wine is such a potent metaphor of eschatological hope precisely because it tells us that the new, the immediate—that which is in front of us now—isn’t the totality of what’s promised.


Light from a Better World: A sober introvert’s reflections on the joys of wine

The sober introvert’s joy at a party is rejoicing in the joy of one’s friends.

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Karl Kuisine: Karl Barth, food, and the humanity of God

If there is a Barth-inspired menu, perhaps we should begin not at a table in Basel or in the aisles of Migros, but at the end of Luke’s testimony to the birth of God.

Dinner at the Vicarage
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