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Wine and Envy

Lusting after the Latours and Lafites we will never drink is deeply unsatisfactory; more to the point, it is sinful in that it wantonly overlooks the vast lakes of good wine that are all around us, in our range of possibility.


A Poet at the Dinner Table

Malcolm Guite brings the poets of old to dinner with us in some stunning poetry.

Veronese Wedding at Cana

Wine for the Feast: the wine cellar and eschatology

Wine is such a potent metaphor of eschatological hope precisely because it tells us that the new, the immediate—that which is in front of us now—isn’t the totality of what’s promised.


Light from a Better World: A sober introvert’s reflections on the joys of wine

The sober introvert’s joy at a party is rejoicing in the joy of one’s friends.

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The world doesn’t need any more chardonnay

If we get swept along with the tide of fashion, we will turn our world into a bland homogeneity that is not particularly at home in its own skin. And that’s not what we’ve been put here to do.

Christ the True Vine

The Joy of Particularity

Why is this glass of wine different to that one? What makes one glass so much finer than another? And what does any of that have to do with the incarnation?

Richard Coles

Interview: Richard Coles

Watch Giles Fraser and Richard Coles live from their kitchens about the ‘terroir of place and faith’, the gustatory joys of rural ministry, the religious significance of home, and the dangers of posting food pictures on Twitter.

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Winemaking and the Future of the Church

This is the challenge for the Church today; to reconnect the spiritual potential that bursts out of an area of life like winemaking, with the underlying reality of God’s vision for creation.

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Wine is Missional: expanding parish boundaries one glass at a time

For this small parish wine has afforded a God-given opportunity to connect with parishioners who would not sign up to a Bible study and who may not watch online worship.

Dinner at the Vicarage
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